At REISA RELOADED in April at the Adelaide Oval, we committed to reinventing the REISA Awards for Excellence. 

We committed to making them real and relevant for our members and for the industry. 

We’ve been listening to the requests from our members to elevate industry best practices, ethical and compliant behaviour while making the process easier for real estate professionals to enter the awards. 

This year we have made our first set of changes. This is the first step of many because we intend to continuously improve the process and the reputation of the awards. 

REISA is singularly committed to the success of the industry and the success of its members. The REISA Awards for Excellence are the pinnacle of awards for the industry.  

If you consider yourself as a contributor to the industry and a performer in the industry, these are the only Awards that you need to enter.  


We believe that the best performers achieve more than just numbers and that the best performers are respected by their peers, demonstrate their commitment to the industry through the peak body and are pillars of their community.  They are the most ethical in the camp and they are focused on customer excellence. Reputations are earned through honesty and consistency over time.  Great numbers are the logical outcome of this sum of the parts.  And if you want to change the industry, you must be part of the journey from the inside.  

The 2021 REISA Awards for Excellence … We are Changing Things Up    

This year REISA Awards for Excellence will look a little different and so do the benefits of being involved. Our commitment to the winners of this year’s awards is to market you consistently. We will ensure that you are front and centre – among your peers and progressively in front of the general public.  

There are 34 award categories you can enter.  You will notice a change in some criteria which reflect the REISA Code of Conduct.  Included are best practice, professional development and leadership, innovation, customer excellence and teamwork and collaboration criteria. 

These Awards implement an opt-out methodology. This means that if you are a member, you are automatically entered into the REISA Awards for Excellence.  

If, as a member, you do not want to be an applicant, then you opt out. But before you do that, please understand that we have started the heavy lifting for you and with each year’s awards we intend to do more of the heavy lifting on your behalf. 

So, get on board now! 

Our medalists for Excellence winners will also change this year. Think The Oscars! This year we will announce finalists on the night with one winner per category. No more little league! 

On behalf of REISA, I wish you all the best and look forward to celebrating at the Annual Awards for Excellence event on November 13, 2021.  

Barry Money  

Chief Executive Officer