How do I enter my Award submission?

You will submit your Award on Award Force Portal. Click here to view now

How do I log in?

Go to the dedicated REISA Awards Force Portal

  • For entrants who have participated in previous years, you can log in with the same email and password previously used (password reset available if required).
  • For new entrants you will need to register and verify your email before starting your submission.
I am not a REISA member, can I still put forward an Award submission?

No, you must be a REISA financial member to submit an award. You can however join REISA at the time of submission. 

I am a trainee can I enter for an Award?

You cannot enter under a trainee license.

Have the criteria changed this year? 

Yes. This year’s Awards will look a little different. You will notice a change in some criteria which reflect the REISA Code of Conduct.  Included are best practice, professional development and leadership, innovation, customer excellence and teamwork and collaboration criteria. These Awards implement an opt-out methodology. This means that if you are a member, you are automatically entered into the REISA Awards for Excellence.   

Can I opt out still? 

If you do not want to enter the Awards, then you can opt-out by emailing the Awards team directly: awards@reisa.com.au 

Have any categories been withdrawn or changed?

Yes. Project Marketing – Development has been withdrawn. Local Auction Salesperson is now called Auctioneer. 

Will there be Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards this Year? 

No. This year we will announce finalists on the night with one winner per category.   

What is the score for the pre-loaded criteria? 

This criterion entitles you to a maximum of 50 points which will be automatically allocated to your submissions. The criteria will be sourced from REISA’s database.  

What is the pre-loaded content and scores in my submission? 

New this year, REISA will be highlighting each submissions efforts to be “best in practice” and their commitment to continuous development.  REISA has preloaded your scores for the following criteria:  

A financial REISA Member: 
– A REISA member for  12 months or longer (15 points)  
– A REISA member for less than 12 months (10 points)  

An REI Forms Live user:  
– An REI Forms Live User for 12 months or longer (10 points)  
– An REI Forms Live User for less than 12 months (5 points)  
– Not an REI Forms Live user (0 points)  

A DocuSign User: 
– A REISA Docusign user for 12 months  or more (10 points)  
– A REISA Docusign user for less than 12 months (5 points)  
– Not a Docusign user  (0 points)  

REISA  professional development training you have undertaken in the submission period:
– 10 hours or more of REISA professional development training (15 points)  
– Less than 10 hours of REISA professional development training (10 points)  
– Has not completed any REISA professional development training (0 points)

In the case of a team submission, the total REISA professional development hours across the listed team members will be used to score the criteria.    

If I changed agencies this year, who can I submit the Award under? 

Individuals who change agencies during the submission period must enter under the agency for which they currently work. Figures from both the current and previous agency may be combined to achieve a 12-month total, but the point at which the agency change was made and the total for each must be clearly identified. 

What happens if I change companies during the Award submission time? 

The company name under which you submit your entry will be the one used in any finalist or award status promotion. If you change employment after the submission date, you must inform the REISA Awards team and supply updated information. REISA will not be responsible for any information regarding employment status that is out of date at the time of publication. 

Can I cut and paste my Award submission from a previous year? 

No, you cannot cut and paste a previous award submission. We recommend you re-read the feedback you received and use it to improve this year’s submission. 

Do I need to answer all the questions in the category I am submitting an entry for?

Yes, you must answer all parts of the question. Keep it straight and to the point. Read the question several times to really understand what is being asked.  

Do I need to add attachments? 

If the criteria ask for attachments or spreadsheets to be completed these must form part of your entry. Don’t rely on attachments to answer a question. Where attachments are required, they should be used as supporting information or evidence of the claims you make in the answer. 

Is there a word count limit? 

If there is a word count limit this will be highlighted in the criteria.  

Do I need to back up any claims I make? 

You must be able to back up all claims made in your submission. Inflated results are obvious and transparent. Use examples to support your claims. This applies to all questions, not just where it is specified. 

Do I need to supply referees? 

Yes, some categories in the criteria require referees. Please ensure your nominated referees are aware they may be contacted by the IAC for verification. 

I have support staff, do I have to mention this in my submission? 

Several categories assume that the salesperson/s has assistance from sales support staff. You must provide a statement regarding any sales support staff that outlines their involvement. Read the criteria carefully and answer each of the four parts. This answer is not scored but is essential for judges to compare entries. 

Can I enter into multiple categories?

Yes, you can enter into multiple categories. You have no limitations on how many times you enter.

If I’m entering an individual award, do I have to be a REISA member or does my Agency membership cover me?

If you are entering as an individual for an individual category, you must be a current financial member of REISA.

If I’m entering an Agency category does the Agency have to be a REISA member?

If you are entering an Agency category, your Agency must be a current financial member of REISA.

If you require any support with your submission, we are here to help. Please contact awards@reisa.com.au with any questions or call 08 83664300.