REISA is trusted by the public, Government and our members to support, advise and set standards for the industry

REISA has undergone a major review resulting in a new governance structure, the appointment of a new chairperson and a majority independent board of management with a non-conflicted independent agenda.  

There has also been an appointment of a new chief executive and the release of a newly developed strategic plan that will continue to build our dynamic culture and brand.  

We mix with the movers and shakers of South Australia. REISA has reclaimed its seat back at the table – now with direct access to State Government for evidence-based advocacy on behalf of the industry, as the voice of the industry for evidence-based media commentary and as the destination for legislative compliance, advice, and training. 

But don’t worry, just because we like to try new things it doesn’t mean we are not delivering our core business to you as members.  

We want to keep members ahead of the pack and the public informed of developments in the real estate profession with a wide range of products and services including: 
  • The development of a technology-based ecosystem – a one stop shop for real estate agents to do their job more efficiently based on the platform of our REI Forms Live software.  
  • Data-driven insights, research data and industry statistics. 
  • Evidence-based advocacy and policy input for State and Federal industry related decisions. 
  • Regional roadshows & conferences, panels, committees, and workshops. 
  • Specialised training programs for real estate professionals across segments and topics. 
  • Legislation support and professional development.  
  • Legislative update information – judgments and determinations. 
  • Access to REISA’s Information Service – REISA Query Connect.  
  • Evidence-based media commentary and spokesperson for the industry.  
Moving Forward

While we stay true to our heritage and respect the past, we are fast-tracking our innovation towards the future. And with that innovation comes change.  

Our industry is such a diverse group which means we need to embrace that diversity and be inclusive, open-minded and challenge the status quo.  

We thrive on pushing boundaries and giving our members the biggest bang for their buck.  

We advocate for positive change in all sectors of the housing market.  

By 2023 we will achieve the following strategic outcomes:  

1. Known and Trusted Brand and Must Have Credential. 

2. Digitally Savvy Organisation.  

3. Recognised Source of Professional Development & Knowledge. 

4. Trusted Interpreter of Complex Data.  

5. Evidence-Based Advocacy.  

6. Champion and Role Model of Inclusiveness, Diversity and Culture.  

7. Sustainable Business Model.  

We will only partner with those organisations that uphold similar values and who act in the interest of supporting our members.  

We are proud of our values and are singularly committed to the success of our members; we do not have a conflict of interest in the provision of our services, and we act in our members’ best interests.